1)      In Bulgaria on Sunday people either stay at home, have a day off outside or watch a football match. In England people go to pub, to a football match, then again to pub.

2)      In England the football fans stay on their seats at stadiums. In Bulgaria the fans use them as a weapon.

3)      In England the stewards monitor the audience. In Bulgaria the stewards usually watch the football match along with the audience.

4)      In England if you are fast and run 90 minutes, you are a great player, in Bulgaria if you are tactically and technically proficient, you are a good player, even if you move slowly.

5)      In Bulgaria if a team loses 0-3, all players betray and most of their fans are disappointed and leave the stadium. In England if the team even loses 0-8, the players continue their fight and pursue the ball to the last minute.

6)      In England the bad referee is incompetent. In Bulgaria this referee is corrupted.

7)      In Bulgaria the corruption and bribes are a part of life. In England this is a great crime.

8)      In Bulgaria players use all kind of simulations to win the game, in England these unfair actions are regarded as a fraud.


Италия срещу България – 30 културни различия


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