Why Back Translation and Reconciliation is Needed?

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In clinical trial translations, both back translation and reconciliation are an essential part of the linguistic validation process before materials are sent for cognitive debriefing. The reconciliation comes as a second method of improving translation quality of clinical trial texts. The reconciled text is one of the preferred versions of the two previously translated forward versions or a combination of both to clearly indicate a third version...

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What is the Difference between Translation and Interpreting?

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Usually, people who are not a part of the translation industry are not familiar with the differences between translation and interpreting and would need some clarification by a professional before deciding what they do need in terms of linguistic services. Both high-quality translation and interpreting require many years of excellent education, substantial experience and constant development in the linguistic field to become well-established...

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Questions to Ask a Translation Company before Starting Collaboration

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From international business contracts to websites or restaurant menus, the need for translation is now commonplace. No matter the circumstances, having precise translations that take into account local culture will attract more clients and give them confidence in doing business with you. However, how can you be sure that you have reached the right translation company, which would transfer the right message to your target audience? Here are some...

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6 Shared Office Platforms to Choose from When Selecting your Next Work Destination

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Today mobility is not just a trend, it is becoming a way of life for more and more people. Exploring the world while working is easier than ever and this isn’t valid for freelancers and digital nomads only, but applies to companies and teams from any size and industry. With the increased mobility, the tech and communication advancement comes the rise of the so called shared economy or community market places and its brilliant examples such as...

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The Shape and Feel of a Shared or Private Office Space

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The dynamics in the world nowadays is setting a fast pace change in every sphere – from the way we communicate and move around to the way we work and collaborate. The businesses are way different from what they were like few decades ago and this unavoidably affects the business spaces as well. From factories and huge company owned administrative buildings where employees operate on a 9 to 5 basis, to flexible schedules, home offices and shared...

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