Sofia City Guide (Part I)

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Visiting a foreign country could be one of the most controversial experiences you could ever have. While it could be a refreshing and mind-opening time, it could also be frustrating and disappointing. The most you could do is research the place you are going to prior to your arrival – the rest is pure luck. Let’s say you are not one of those people who rely entirely on their luck to have a good time and you do your homework of...

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Co-working Spaces in Sofia

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Apparently, the time of launching new businesses from your kitchen table or from coffee shops is old-school already. Expensive art pieces, gourmet cafeterias and cocktail parties are no longer a luxury offered only at big corporate offices. Coworking spaces are the trend now where entrepreneurs all over the world can enjoy such and even better amenities. In fact, these places are turning into something more than just a “coworking” space....

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Foreign Expats in Bulgaria – What You Need to Know Part II

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…continues from Part I Although Bulgaria is a part of Europe and there aren’t any massive cultural differences compared to other European countries, living in Bulgaria is not like living in Western Europe. It’s not like living in a “developing” country, either. So, what are some major characteristics defining the Bulgarian culture, and how do you digest them in order to fully enjoy your stay in Bulgaria? The Mindset If you live in a...

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Foreign Expats in Bulgaria – What You Need to Know Part I

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If you are considering living and working in Bulgaria, gaining cultural awareness first is a must. It will reduce your initial frustration and will ensure better understanding of your surroundings. Why Bulgaria An ex-communist country that was once based on agriculture, Bulgaria is now a democratic state that is quickly developing industrially. In 2007, Bulgaria joined the European Union, which strengthened its economy since then, making it...

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Words of Bulgarian Traditional Meals the English Should Know

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The Bulgarian traditional cuisine offers a variety of delicious traditional meals I’m sure the English would enjoy and would not miss the chance to have a second trip to Bulgaria to taste them once again or even more times. Bulgarian traditional meals are influenced to a great extent by Turkey, our own way of life and the different regions we live in here. Our broad range of salads, baker’s goods and stews would not only appease your hunger...

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