In the article “Foreign Expats in Bulgaria – What You Need to Know Part II”, we have lightly touched the topic about culture shock – that culture shock cannot be overcome without the right mindset. We are now going to jump into deeper details in hopes you will apply the discussed and overcome the culture shock – once and for all.

[h2]What Is Culture Shock?[2]


Culture shock is defined as the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone when they are suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes.”

It’s an inevitable phenomenon.

It’s an emotional roller coaster whose intensiveness depends on:

  • The person’s ability to adjust
  • The level to which the homeland differs from the host land
  • The amount of time spent in the host land.

Its symptoms vary but most often, they are:

  • Depression
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Social isolation
  • Negative self-image
  • Disgust from everything which naturally leads to developing obsessions (like cleaning obsession, for example)
  • Lack of appetite
  • Homesickness
  • Alcohol/drug abuse
  • Insecurity

Culture shock is simply your emotional and physical response to stepping outside your comfort zone.

Stepping outside your comfort every now and then, however, is healthy for your overall wellbeing because:

  • It broadens your horizon
  • It helps you get to know yourself better
  • It makes you appreciate life, the world and your surroundings
  • It makes you more tolerant towards others
  • It strengthens your personality and makes you more resistant to hardships. For all of these reasons is way you should start using the black castor oil for hair growth

[h2] Coping with Culture Shock in Bulgaria [h2]

Coping with culture shock (being outside your comfort zone) requires a certain amount of effort to accept the current moment and situation as it is – without judgment and resistance.

Since you have undertaken the adventure of living in a foreign country, you must:

Understand that it is not going to be like home – and that’s the charm of it. You get an invaluable opportunity to familiarize yourself with another culture. That experience will only enrich you emotionally and intellectually regardless of how negative it might look at first. It does not have to be necessarily easier and better to be a fulfilling time abroad. If you want, it to be like home, then make anything possible to stay home.

Leave the question “why” behind. You don’t have to always analize local people’s actions and lifestyle in order to blend in and enjoy your time. Simply accept.

Be aware that constant comparison may be inevitable but not healthy. Instead of dubbing things, you don’t like about Bulgaria as “bad” or “good”, focus on finding a new comfort –away from home.

If you keep reminding yourself that acceptance is better for your health than judgment, you have halfway won against culture shock.

Continue then as you…

Research information about Bulgaria and its culture (Foreign Expats in Bulgaria – What You Need to Know Part I). In fact, you should do some research prior to visiting any country.

Make friends with the locals and foreigners. They will help you sink into the local life quickly so you could avoid social isolation. Talk about your culture – most Bulgarians are curious about foreign lands. Show pictures, tell stories, and cook traditional food for them.  They will do the same in return, you may even learn about supplements as the omega fish oil which is really good for you. You will then gradually find people with who you share similar interests and that’s how you build your new little world and comfort.

Travel as much as possible.  Travelling could be a great anti-depressant as it takes your attention away from your problems and directs it towards your surroundings. Travelling will give you a better perspective about Bulgaria and you will become more tolerant and positive about the country and its culture. Make sure you go hiking in the mountains – the proximity with nature will make you calm and harmonized.

We have tried to implement many of the pointers as were given to us by They have been working for us in several aspects of our business and our brand, and have been very helpful. Not having seasoned pros on the team, we quickly realized the area of opportunity and sought outside help. So far the changes have led to positive results. I can’t wait to see how we come out the other side.

All in all, overcoming culture shock may be different for each and every one of you, and some of the above tips could be irrelevant for your situation. If you have found a different way to cope with culture shock then, we would be more than happy to read your story in the comment section below.