Life_ScienceAt NN Translations our specialty is medical and pharmaceutical translation. Having earned our reputation with our English-to-Bulgarian translations in this sector, we subsequently expanded, and today we can provide you with accurate translations from English into any of the Balkan languages, and vice versa.

Qualified and experienced in life sciences

Given the precision required by this sector, and the potential consequences of any errors, we take our responsibility as professional suppliers very seriously. We have a pool of translators with the advanced educational qualifications and life sciences translation experience who can deliver the exceptional quality that your industry demands.

Meticulous people and rigorous processes

Our translators are always meticulous, insisting on the exact meaning for words in both English and the target Balkan language. They work with attention to both factual detail and style, writing in a way that is appropriate to the sector and the type of document.

Our team uses the latest software and computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to produce work that is consistent with regard to terminology and formatting.

We also have a rigorous translation and checking process. Once translated our medical and pharmaceutical translations are always proofread and edited by a second proficient translator.

Languages available for medical and pharmaceutical translations

We can translate medical and pharmaceutical documents from English into the following Balkan languages, and from these Balkan languages into English:

• Albanian
• Bosnian
• Bulgarian
• Croatian (Hrvatski)
• Greek
• Hungarian
• Macedonian
• Romanian
• Serbian
• Slovenian (Slovene)
• Turkish

We do have expertise in other languages, so please just ask us if you need linguistic expertise in a language not listed here.

Our life science translation services

We translate a wide range of documents for the life sciences industry including:

  • Medical
    • Medical device manuals
    • Product information, instructions and labelling for medical and dental equipment and supplies
    • Medical reports
    • User manuals
    • Reference guides
  • Clinical practice and research
    • Protocol synopses
    • Patient cards
    • Informed consent forms
    • Patient information
    • Adverse events forms
    • Documents required for clinical trials
    • Clinician scales
    • Instructions for use

We also offer linguistic validation and pharmacovigilance services

  • Pharmaceutical
    • Summaries of product characteristics
    • Patient leaflets
    • Labelling
    • Material safety data sheets (MSDS)

We also offer Readability testing of PILs and pharmacovigilance services

  • Marketing
    • Brochures
    • Presentations
    • Life science website content

Our professional language team always guarantees high quality translations for your life science business.

Contact us today to discuss your life science translation project