interpretingWe offer Bulgarian interpreting services from/to English, as well as interpreting services from/to any other Balkan language. Our interpreters are skilful and knowledgeable and can strengthen your business relationships with foreign partners or collaborators in environments ranging from large events to time-critical negotiations.

Conference interpreting in Bulgarian and all other Balkan languages

Our professional interpreters can assist you in presenting successful seminars, symposiums, workshops and conferences in the Balkans or elsewhere in Europe.  Conference interpreting deals exclusively with oral communication, and a skilled interpreter renders a message from one language into another naturally and fluently. They achieve this by adopting the delivery, tone and convictions of the speaker, and speaking in the first person.

Two of the most common methods for conference interpreting are consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting. Below you will find more detailed information on each of these interpreting services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the most suitable type of interpretation for your event.

Consecutive interpreting in Bulgarian and all other Balkan languages

When providing consecutive interpreting, the interpreter is usually seated or standing at the podium alongside the speaker. The speaker pauses every minute or so to allow the interpreter to relay the information in the target language. This means that a two-minute speech will usually need approximately another two minutes for interpretation.

For consecutive interpreting, no technical equipment is required, which does make it more flexible. However, it can be time consuming, and is not suitable for all-day events.
Consecutive interpreting is most frequently used at:

  • Business meetings
  • Small seminars and training sessions
  • Negotiations
  • Tours and visits for small groups. 

Simultaneous interpreting in Bulgarian and all other Balkan languages

With simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter works in a soundproofed booth usually with at least one colleague. The speaker delivers their speech into a microphone, which the interpreter hears in their booth through a headset. As they listen, the interpreter immediately translates the speaker’s words, speaking into their own microphone.  Their interpretation is then relayed to their listeners.

Simultaneous interpreting requires intense concentration, so interpreters normally work in pairs, alternating every 15-20 minutes. Simultaneous interpreting requires special equipment, including headphones, receivers and a soundproof booth. The advantage of simultaneous interpreting is that it saves time, as there are no pauses or interruptions.

Simultaneous interpreting is most frequently used at:

  • Major events involving a large international audience
  • Events on a tight agenda where time is a critical factor
  • Tours and site visits for large groups.

Tips for speakers

If you are speaking at an event where what you are saying is being interpreted as you speak, you can help your interpreter provide the most accurate possible interpretation by following these guidelines:

  • Speak naturally, at a reasonable pace
  • Speak rather than read
  • Make sure the interpreters have the text if you read a speech
  • Talk with your interpreters and give them feedback
  • Pronounce figures, names and acronyms clearly

Liaison interpreting in Bulgarian and all other Balkan languages

Liaison interpreting is suitable for small groups during business meetings, site visits or presentations. A liaison interpreter is confident and highly competent in both understanding and speaking both languages being used. They provide a two-way service, listening and interpreting for both parties.

It is ideal for companies that need an interpreting service when signing contracts or agreements, undertaking negotiations, delivering presentations or inspecting manufacturing facilities.

We also have interpreters skilled in scientific interpreting. They can interpret reports presented by researchers, subject interviews and for visits to clinical research facilities.

Telephone or Skype interpreting in Bulgarian and all other Balkan languages

Our interpreters have the technology to interpret for you even if you are geographically separated from each other.

Let our reliable interpreters take care of your company and meet your industry-specific language needs today.

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