Editing & ProofreadingWe provide proofreading and editing services in Bulgarian and all other Balkan languages, guaranteeing that your translation is always accurate and consistent. It is an integral part of every translation project that we do, but we also edit and proofread materials as a stand-alone service.

At NN Translations quality control is critical. In the medical or pharmaceutical field, the economic or financial sector, or the IT and technical industry the correct usage of terms and concepts is essential for all translations. Our editing and proofreading process ensures that the final work clearly expresses the correct meaning and showcases your company’s competencies.

Our translation and checking process is rigorous. Once the text has been translated, the editor’s role is to check the content and suggest any improvements that could enhance the quality of your translation. Proofreading involves checking the final work for any minor errors in grammar or inconsistencies in formatting or terminology. To make the process as effective as possible, all of our texts are edited and proofread by a second proficient translator.

When completing editing and proofreading checks, we pay close attention to the following potential issues within a text:

  • Spelling errors
  • Grammatical errors
  • Punctuation errors
  • Formatting or layout errors or inconsistencies
  • Stylistic inconsistencies
  • Cultural adaptation and localisation errors
  • Translation errors

Our editing and proofreading service leaves you secure in the knowledge that your translation project will be of the highest possible quality and will set your company apart from its competitors. Save yourself time and invest in your company’s image today by working with one of our professional linguists.