TranslationFrom international business contracts to websites or restaurant menus, the need for translation is now commonplace. No matter the circumstances, having precise translations that take into account local culture will attract more clients and give them confidence in doing business with you.

Quality translation is a time-consuming and intelligent activity that takes years of learning, reading and practice to master.  Our team of professionally trained, experienced translators has the skills to give you reliable, high quality translations every time. Our work is unrivalled in matching the translation to the original in terms of meaning, all with impeccable style and form.
Our Quality Localization Services For 25 Years broad range of English-to-Bulgarian translation services and translation services from and into any other Balkan language cover:

  • Life sciences
  • Business & Marketing
  • Economics & Finance
  • IT & Technical
  • Official documents

Maintaining exact meaning

In our translation work we always consider factors such as text type, audience and the purpose of the translation. We know that literal sentence-for-sentence translations, which may make sense and may be grammatically correct, have a high probability of having a different meaning to the source text.

Understanding the subject which is being translated, as well as a meticulous and intelligent approach is what makes it possible to capture the exact meaning of the source document and make it into a translated masterpiece. Cultural adaptation also plays an essential part in the translation process.

Providing consistency for your brand

Like the work of an actor or performer, our translation work requires constant creativity and flexibility. Translation between languages is not just the simple replacement of source language linguistic items with their equivalents in the target language.

Our good professionals become experts not just in words and phrases, but in style and tone as well as in the linguistic and cultural differences when they translate. This ensures that your final material is not only error free, but that the style is consistent, maintaining your company’s reputation as well as its voice and brand identity.

We also have a rigorous checking process. Once translated our translations are always proofread and edited by a second proficient translator.

Making the most of technology

Our professional translators always work with CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools to produce work that is consistent with regard to terminology and formatting. We have invested in the latest technology and the most advanced versions of translation software to guarantee the best possible work for your company.

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