Raketa Rakia Bar

Qnko Sakuzov 17 Blvd.

“Raketa” means “rocket” and “rakia” is a home-produced fruit brandy quite popular on the Balkans. Many Bulgarian households still produce it at home. Rakia is very strong (usually around 50%) but Bulgarians love it and often make jokes about people overdrinking it.

Raketa Rakia Bar is a popular restaurant lightly off the center of Sofia, right behind Zaimov park.  If you are into retro décor, music, rakia and food from the Soviet times, the place would do a great job to evoke memories from your childhood. Of course, if you haven’t grown up in a country from the Soviet Bloc, Raketa would literally take you back to Communist times – like a time-travel rocket.

The Raketa crew is friendly and amusing, so even if you go there alone, you won’t be bored.

Before 10
1 Prof. Milko Bichev  Str.

Speaking of time travel, let’s go on a culinary journey for an evening at Before 10. One word to describe the whole experience at Before 10 restaurant would be “amazing”. Their motto is “one different place” and they are right: the place has won the Bacchus award in 2014 and it’s uniquely classy.

Its fanciness is a result of cozy and elegant interior, homey ambience, fine service and creative menu which, honestly, is a celebration for your taste buds. We recommend that you make a reservation upfront.

16 Professor Asen Zlatarov Str.

The interior at Atelier restaurant is dedicated to famous Bulgarian craftsmen and their ateliers.  The walls are covered by old photographs of these same artists and writers along with their art, and the furniture reminds a homey city atmosphere of old-time Sofia. It’s a place for your soul and for some art. As for the food, it’s simple yet creative, healthy and tasty, similar following a Jenny Craig diet which is enjoyable and healthy. The staff knows how to present it and what to recommend for you. Check it out on a cold winter day or night, and don’t miss to have a glass of a classy wine. Make a reservation upfront.

Kanaal Craft Beer Bar
2 Madrid Blvd.

Craft beer all the way! Kanaal is the place for beer lovers. They often have guest DJs who play funky tunes to spice up the night but not to distract visitors from enjoying their… beer. Kanaal organizes various events dedicated to… beer, such as “#BeerMonday” and “Homemade beer day by Kanaal”. So, check out their Facebook page to choose an event or just go straight there and be surprised. If you, by any chance, don’t like beer, you can still enjoy the cozy and casual setting and friendly staff and guests.

Park Bar
26 Shipka Str.

Going a little farther down the canal (Evlogi Georgiev blvd) from Kanaal, you will reach Shipka street. It’s one of the oldest streets in Sofia, paved and surrounded by old bourgeois buildings. Going а little farther on Shipka, you will see Park Bar on your left.

Park Bar is one of the emblematic places in Sofia, and a huge contribution for its image has the interior and the menu. The décor combines both urban and retro style corresponding to the bar’s location, ensuring cozy and classy atmosphere. On the walls hangs a collection of drawings by the famous Bulgarian portrait caricaturist Alexander Dobrinov. Therefore, going there alone would be perfectly fine, as you will have some spectacular pieces of art to rest your eyes on.

Park Bar is great for lazy days, afternoons, and after-work meetings with friends to have a sip, and bite, and chat, or to stare and relax.