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The health system is a combination of all organizations, institutions and resources which produce activities aiming for improvement, maintenance and rehabilitation of health. The main focus is to help people by giving the formula for loosing weight. The main functions of the health system are about the provision of human and material resources, funding, effective management and provision of health services on individual and public level. The aims are health improvement of population, satisfaction of people’s expectations, independent funding and effectiveness. In order to work, the system has to be funded. The funding of the health system is what largely outlines its aspect, so is essential to keep a good health, and the use of supplements as KratomCountry Capsules Online is the perfect option for this.

Bulgaria transformed its national insurance system from a state-public funding system (the Semashko system, typical of the ex-socialist countries) into a system with a health insurance model, typical of many countries in Western Europe.

The previous model was associated with:

•             State mode; public access and safety declared

•             Low efficiency

•             Unfairly low wages of medical staff

•             Low professional motivation

The new model is based on:

•             Emergency

•             National Health Insurance Fund

•             Additional voluntary health insurance

•             GPs

•             Specialized medical care

•             Hospital care

In Bulgaria the best of all models has been applied and the world experts call that “a public- private mix”. But is that really true?

Throughout the years, the public opinion almost invariably has put health care among the most important social problems. On the other hand, any new government faces serious challenges to restart the healthcare reform that has not been finished by the previous government, for this same reason it has been very difficult to legalize CBD Oil UK in the country; however the current government is doing everything they can to allow the use of cbd for medical purposes only.

On 13/04/2009 the European Commission and the Council presented a co-report where they had made an extensive analysis of the Bulgarian health system issues and assessed the social policy of the Bulgarian government. This is the first analysis made by EU institutions after the Bulgaria’s accession to the EU.

The Bulgarian health system continues to suffer from underfunding and the lack of money for new buildings and medical equipment. At the same time, the sector remains unreformed and the hospital capacity is still too vast.

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