The dynamics in the world nowadays is setting a fast pace change in every sphere – from the way we communicate and move around to the way we work and collaborate. The businesses are way different from what they were like few decades ago and this unavoidably affects the business spaces as well. From factories and huge company owned administrative buildings where employees operate on a 9 to 5 basis, to flexible schedules, home offices and shared spaces. More and more businesses are also cutting the maintenance part of their operations, outsourcing it to dedicated service providers and this is a valid global trend for the business property management. The options vary from simply renting an office space from a property management agency, following the “hipster” steps in one of the co-working spaces or choosing an alternative, which is something in between. Here are three companies, operating in Sofia which provide such alternative:

Regus can help you in basically every occasion – whether you need a desk, wi-fi and printer just for an hour or two, a day office or private office for the years to come or a virtual office – Regus offers it all. The pricing is as flexible as the options they provide – from rate per person per hour to monthly fees – you have the freedom to choose the payment mode which is the most convenient and matching your cash flow plan. And this isn’t all – Regus provides a wide variety of lounges, conference rooms and meeting rooms, training and seminar halls as well as rooms for videoconferencing. Their mission is to provide office spaces to everyone – from freelancers to multinational companies – everyone is welcome and can enjoy working conveniently and with ease.

Progressive start up atmosphere driven by a culture of innovations and novelty – this is what makes Eoffice stand out as a preferred office space service provider. They cover an extremely wide scope of locations – more than 200, situated in more than 40 cities across more than 60 countries. One of the main reasons for Eoffice’s success is the excessive network of independent partners around the globe which assure maintaining consistent standards at each of the office spaces which they operate. Eoffice stands on three simple pillars to provide its high level services and those are: 1. flexible and cost-efficient renting packages ranging from just a “hot desk” to a proper conference room, videoconferencing and corporate event halls; 2. inspiring atmosphere of collaboration and growth so a strong community of like-minded people can be built; 3. high-tech solutions which include not only the super-necessary-super-fast wi-fi and broadband internet connection but also video conferencing equipment, voice-mail and AV systems with surround sound and all of that available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

If you are fond of something a little more luxurious, then definitely have a look at Sterling Serviced Offices. Their office spaces are specially chosen at prestigious locations around the city – from the very centre to a proper business district you can select a classy interior and surroundings. Sterling Serviced Offices puts a lot of effort into building the right atmosphere and hosting alike people “under one roof” and this isn’t at all determined by the company’s size – there you can find small, medium and large multinational companies, presented by professional and experienced teams. All locations offered by Sterling Serviced Offices are available immediately, meaning that you and your team can move right away without the unnecessary negotiations and other hustle. Each of the offices is fully equipped with cutting edge furniture and technology, even the secretary and security services are covered up, and so your business can be fully functioning from day one.

All those fast-pace changes of times we live in – sometimes good, sometimes not so good – are creating a vast ocean of potential services and what the office management service providers are doing is simply arranging an environment where you can focus completely on your business without the unnecessary troubles of coping with issues aside of your main scope of operation. All this makes the contemporary office a wonderful place for creating better and more positive changes not only in the way we work and create but generally in the world.

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